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dr.Kiki Klimt
Telling stories in visual language

Arkanum, new graphic novel serial

Seven graphic novels told in a pure visual language without words; so everyone can understand the meaning and finds the way. I am searching for the source worldwide; in different cultures, styles and techniques (ranging from the Japanese comics, native art, renaissance paintings, Sahara cave art, Mayan sculptures) and travelling from east and west, from past to present, to tell the story in the clearest way.

The Arcanum is a contemporary guide to happiness.

All the stories are based on ancient knowledge, myths and secret books about human beings in their search for Love, Truth and everlasting life.

About me

I have graduated in painting, finished the postgraduate study in sculpture and got PhD in visual communication.

I have developed strong skills in many areas and on many different projects including artistic, research and commercial


I have been creating in different media for more than 20 years. They all affected me and became the inseparable part of my work. My medium is everything that I can use; but lately painting portraits and emotional paintings in the sense of enlightening the reality

I have been exibiting in Berlin, NewYork, Ljubljana, Maribor, Belgrad, Zagreb, ...


I am lecturing in the field of Art and Visual communication. currently working at different Universities in Slovenia and abroad (Istanbul, Sofia, Lisbon). Just know I am professor for Art an d Art theory at Arthouse in Ljubljana. I have started at the Faculty of Design where I have been head of the illustration department for 12 years. I play an active role in the maintenance of academic standards and in the development of educational policy and of curriculum areas within Art as an expert at The Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, where I conduct assessments of new art programs.


I am illustrating for more than 20 years. I have done many books for children and adults. I like to change styles and have new challenges to play. My illustrations are strictly hand-made.

Some of my author's books are selling on Amazon , Book Depository , etc,... 


 We learn all our lives.

I research in fields of visual and verbal communication, mythology and symbols, consciousness, human perception and behaviour. I am expanding my knowledge of different fields which enabled me to get a much broader and complete understanding of Art and Life as a whole.


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